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Belle & Wilde Rosemary Crumbs are light and crispy with just the right flavour of freshly picked rosemary from the Belle & Wilde Kitchen Garden.


Belle & Wilde Original Crumbs & Toppings are freshly baked from our fantastic gluten-free bread.

Super Seedy

Made from the Silver award-winning Belle & Wilde Super Seedy gluten-free bread loaf, our Super Seedy Breadcrumbs have a lovely nutty flavour and make a great light and crispy coating or topping for a variety of dishes.

Cornish Cheese

Made using Yarg, the award-winning and internationally acclaimed Cornish cheese, these Belle & Wilde Cornish Cheese Crumbs are ideal as a crispy coating for your vegetables, chicken and meats, or as a topping for a creamy cauliflower cheese, fish pie or any other dish that needs a bit of extra “crunch”

Cheese, Walnut & Smoked Paprika

A great combination of cheddar cheese, a slight crunch of walnuts and smoky paprika make these Belle & Wilde Crumbs & Toppings really stand out.

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