Super Seedy

Super Seedy Breadcrumbs

Made from the Silver award-winning Belle & Wilde Super Seedy gluten-free bread loaf, our Super Seedy Breadcrumbs have a lovely nutty flavour and make a great light and crispy coating or topping for a variety of dishes.


water, rice flour, tapioca flour, cornflour, free range eggs, sunflower oil, yeast, sesame seeds (2%), linseed (2%), pumpkin seeds (2%), sunflower seeds (2%), honey, sea salt, white wine vinegar (sulphites), xanthan gum, agar, baking powder


Made on premises that handle nuts, soya, sesame, egg, milk, sulphites.

Super Seedy BreadcrumbsNutrition (per 100g)
of which saturates1.8g
of which sugars2.6g

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Ingredients & Method

I love homemade fish fingers and they are so easy to make! ⁠

1. Simply cut up some fresh haddock into slices.⁠
2. Dip them in some beaten egg then add them to a breadcrumb mix. ⁠
3. For the breadcrumbs I used the original Crumbs & Toppings from @belleandwilde that are freshly baked from their fantastic gluten-free bread . I added some salt, pepper, oregano, and lemon zest . ⁠
4. I sprayed them with some oil and cooked them in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 until golden brown. ⁠

I also made the bagels which were a lot easier than I thought.

I had them with some lettuce, avocado, and my favourite mayo!⁠

⁠For more great recipes from Rhianne follow her on instagram @Glutenfreerhii


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